StarCraft II/Known Issues

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Known issues for StarCraft II.

Updated: 2016-05-26[1][2]


  • F10 Menu shortcuts are not working properly in Russian.

UI and Online

  • New – Abathur does not have Swarm Host, Overseer, or Nydus Network listed on his unit list.
  • New – Arcade games no longer automatically start when the lobby becomes full.
  • New – Some accounts can receive text instead of the emoticon via whispers.
  • New – The matchmaking screen can say the player has 5 placement matches remaining instead of 1.
  • Bonus pool can reach an abnormally large value.
  • The SC2 region selector is missing from the options menu.
  • Some players are seeing a clan and/or groups in their list to which they do not belong.
  • Some players experience negative bonus pool values.
  • Navigating to the Arcade Bookmarks can cause an endless loading screen when 100 maps are bookmarked.
  • Players will enter a locked state when joining a game lobby that is cancelled.
  • The map preview image on matchmaking loading screens may appear as low-resolution versions without starting point markers.
  • Windows 10 -- Resizing the game in Windowed Mode causes display and mouse issues.
  • Engine/Game Systems
  • [NVidia 3D] Health bars aren't displayed over the units.
  • ATI 13.1 drivers are causing flickering issues with the UI.

Game Content

  • New – (2)KingSejongStationLE - The top-left Collapsing Ice Large (Height 1) terrain object allows units to path into its depths.
  • New – (4)FrostLE - There's a piece of missing cliff geometry in which units can be hidden.
  • New – The tooltip in-game for Co-Op Protoss Commanders does not reflect the Mastery amount for “Initial and Maximum Spear of Adun Energy” for Party Member (Non Party Leader).
  • Unrestricted Access mastery achievement is not always flagged when meeting the criteria.
  • Kerrigan levels are sometimes lost when using the Heart of the Swarm Master Archives.
  • The enemy units guarding the final beacon do not retaliate against the Zerg forces in the Enemy Intelligence mission.
  • Nova can become invisible if she dies right as you complete the first half of the Enemy Intelligence mission.
  • The SC1 Alternate Soundtrack will not play when watching Multiplayer Replays.
  • The SC1 Alternate Soundtrack will not play during Custom Games while on Offline Mode.
  • Neural Parasite tentacle will follow a unit that is Mass Recalled.


  • Cliff textures can appear black in the data editor.
  • Clearing lighting variations does not persist through a save and relaunch of the client.
  • Using the Find/Replace function can freeze the Data Editor.
  • The field search filter does not work properly with Combine Structure Values turned on


  • New – The Mac editor cannot paint diagonal ramps that are smaller than size 8.