StarCraft II/Patch 4.10.0

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Patch 4.10.0
StarCraft II
“Free To Play”
Release dateAugust 13, 2019;
3 years ago
Initial build75689
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StarCraft II patch 4.10.0 is the tenth major patch since patch 4.0.0.


  • The War Chest: BlizzCon 2019 has been added in preparation for its global launch on August 15.
    • Play StarCraft II or watch participating streamers on Twitch to unlock XP for the War Chest and gain access to over 70 new items including army-wide skins, sprays, emoticons, exclusive portraits, and a Co-op XP boost.
    • Purchasing the War Chest Complete Bundle grants you a special random race loading screen in StarCraft II, plus a Tal’darim Probe Pet in Diablo III, a Hearthstone Classic Card Pack, and a Heroes of the Storm rare Loot Chest. In addition, purchasing any War Chest Skin Bundle will grant you an immediate access to Ranked play.
    • Also, throughout the duration of the War Chest: BlizzCon 2019, players will be able to unlock free rewards, including classic Brood War-inspired skins for the Marine, Zealot, and Hydralisk, with no additional purchase necessary.
  • Four new weekly Mutations have been added.

Bug Fixes

Co-op Missions

  • General
    • Amon’s Corsairs can no longer deal splash damage to invulnerable units.
    • Tweaked mutator-safe zones on Cradle of Death, Temple of the Past, and The Vermillion Problem.
    • Fixed an issue on The Vermillion Problem where ground units could survive lava in specific locations.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Missile Command missiles to remain on the minimap permanently.
  • Dead of Night
    • Fixed an issue where Chokers could permanently stun morphing units.
  • Stetmann
    • Mecha Banelings now properly target structures while the Enable Structure Attack ability is toggled on.
    • Mecha Banelings will now always deal appropriate bonus damage when Egonergy Enhanced Explosives is researched.
  • Abathur
    • Abathur’s Toxic Nests no longer damage invulnerable units and cannot be stolen by the Eminent Domain mutator.


  • Maps
    • The opponent can no longer see the Overseer’s Oversight ability through the fog of war if they have units nearby.
    • Tree and city building doodads were adjusted to prevent units from hiding within in Acropolis LE.


  • Mouse functionality is now present while in fullscreen mode on OS 10.14.
  • OpenGL2 rendering API has been deprecated.