StarCraft II/Patch 4.3.1

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Patch 4.3.1
StarCraft II
“Free To Play”
Release dateMay 17, 2018;
6 years ago
Initial build65094
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StarCraft II patch 4.3.1 is the first minor patch since patch 4.3.0.


  • A new Ultralisk trophy top has been added for the new season.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that caused several Melee maps to display in English instead of the language of the region.
  • The APM indicator will no longer display for Observers using the WCS 3.0 Overlay aiming the player camera on players using custom console skins with the APM indicator.


  • If a worker is rallied to a mineral patch that is mined out, the way point will no longer be removed.
  • Mass Recall and Strategic Recall will no longer teleport units that are in the process of warping in.