StarCraft/Patch 1.18.2

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Patch 1.18.2
“Game & Expansion”
Release dateApril 26, 2017;
6 years ago
Initial build1434
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StarCraft patch 1.18.2 ...

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Updated Protoss warp in effect to reduce the population of cool guys wearing sunglasses at night
  • Bent light - or the lack thereof - to our will by recreating the stacking shadow effect

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed control groups not saving while mouse buttons are down
  • Improved command performance during extremely high APM - we are still optimizing so players with 300+ APM are recommended to turn off VSync and FPS cap so refresh rates can keep up with your actions
  • Fixed building confirmation sounds not playing when selecting a building off screen
  • Fixed sound cutting out at low FPS

Known Issues