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Patch 1.22.0
Release dateJuly 23, 2018;
4 years ago
Latest version dateAugust 31, 2018;
4 years ago
Initial build4451
Latest build4625
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StarCraft: Remastered patch 1.22.0 ...

August 31, 2018, Build 4625

  • Ends pre-sale in China. This does not affect regions outside of China

August 29, 2018, Build 4621

  • Enables the China presale purchase in game which ends At 9:01am Friday PDT.

August 28, 2018, Build 4615

  • Fixes for our pending China release.

August 24, 2018, Build 4589

  • Fixes for our pending China release.

August 16, 2018, Build 4553


  • Fixed an instance causing matchmaking failures. There is still work to be done here, but this should alleviate the number of global failures.
  • Seasons history was not displaying maps played for certain profiles.
  • Updated Seasons UI to display "Wins" instead of "Your Wins"
  • Frontier League mmr data is now available in the Seasons UI
  • Added support for MMR nightly % adjustment
  • Added sound effect for the continue button in the news UI.

Additionally, we've worked with the Discord team on resolving an incompatibility with their latest patch. If you still have problems with SCR freezing on startup, and you're using Discord, please ensure you are patched to the latest Discord version

August 1, 2018, Build 4485


  • Bonjour service correctly installs again.
  • Fix for launching the game offline
  • Profile Panel - Seasons - Global Win Stats Per Race are determined more accurately.
  • Fix for certain player profiles not loading correctly
  • Performance improvements for player portraits in chat channels

EUD changes

  • Changes to the latency are ignored
  • Re-added support for address 0x005193A0

July 27, 2018, Build 4466

  • Our highest frequency intermittent crash.
  • Fix for the loading performance of portraits in the collections tab
  • Inability to perform Single Sign On Mac.

In addition, last night we addressed an issue with match results failing to process. We are investigating whether we can retroactively apply games not processed in this outage window, but matches should be processed properly going forward.

July 26, 2018, Build 4462

  • Crash related to anticheat updates
  • Inadvertent blockage due to 1.22.0 anticheat updates.
  • Crash related to the retrieval of the map list on the matchmaking settings screen
  • Season 1 is now properly called Frontier League

Features and Improvements

New ladder

For a more in-depth ladder overview please visit:

Season 1 is now live!
  • Players will begin the new season unranked. After 5 placement matches, they will be placed into a league.
  • Frontier League data will help determine pre-placement MMR.

We’ve implemented a new rank-based league system familiar to long time veterans of Brood War.

  • S Rank – Top 1% of players
  • A Rank – 7%
  • B Rank – 21%
  • C Rank – 21%
  • D Rank – 21%
  • E Rank – 21%
  • F Rank – 8%
  • MMR decay has been added to S Rank.
New rewards for Season 1
  • Anyone who logs in during Season 1 will receive an exclusive portrait.
  • After being placed into a league, players will unlock a corresponding colored portrait border.
    • Players can toggle the border on and off in the Collections tab.
  • Players who reach the S, A, or B leagues will earn unique portraits.
    • S league players will receive an animated portrait.
New Seasons UI
  • Easily identify your performance metrics in current and past seasons.
  • View your wins and match history.
  • View global winrates by race for each map in the ladder map pool.
Updated competitive map pool
  • (2) Blue Storm 1.2
  • (2) Heartbreak Ridge 2.1
  • (2) Polaris Rhapsody 1.0
  • (3) Aztec 2.1
  • (4) Roadkill 1.13
  • (4) Circuit Breakers 1.0
  • (4) Fighting Spirit 1.3


New ramps for the editor!
  • 18 new ramps in 8 different directions.
  • The width of each of the new ramps can be extended to the mapmakers liking.
  • 1-4 ramps per tileset: Ash, Badlands, Jungle, Desert, Ice, Twilight, Installation and Space Platform.
  • Ramps are also compatible with SCMDraft 2.


Updated Collections UI
  • Show off your ladder status by displaying your league colors!
    • (S) Gold
    • (A) Red
    • (B) Purple
    • (C) Blue
    • (D) Turquoise
    • (E) Green
    • (F) White
  • Easily equip console & building skins and toggle portrait borders.

Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic turn rate will stabilize before allowing network latency changes.

Known issues

  • The /stats chat command is still pulling data from the Frontier League.


  • Installation tileset ramps were not added