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Patch 1.01
Release dateApril 22, 1998;
25 years ago
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StarCraft patch 1.01 is the first minor patch since the release.


  • Fixed cheat that allowed one player in a multiplayer game to see the map.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to receive extra resources when canceling building construction multiple times by exploiting lag in a multi-player game.
  • Fixed pathing problem related crash bug that was most commonly exhibited in Terran 10.
  • Fixed C Runtime Library crash bug exhibited during saved games when year was greater than 2098.
  • Fixed sprite allocation errors that prevent normal combat and creation of units.
  • Fixed occasional hang when joining and leaving
  • Enemy Science Vessels no longer continually unmask after irradiating units.
  • Missile turrets controlled by the AI properly acquire targets.
  • Fixed blank game names in game list.
  • Game names with high ASCII characters now show up properly.


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