StarCraft II/Patch 2.0.3a

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Patch 2.0.3
StarCraft II
“Heart of the Swarm beta”
Release dateFebruary 7, 2013;
10 years ago
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StarCraft II patch 2.0.3a is an unofficial patch name to catalog the Balance updates after patch 2.0.3.


  • Oracle
    • The duration for Envision has been increased from 30 to 60 seconds.


  • Widow Mine The primary target damage for Sentinel Missiles has been increased from 125 to *125 +35 vs. Shields.


  • Hatchery
    • The Pneumatized Carapace upgrade now only requires a Hatchery.
  • Infestor
    • The projectile speed for Fungal Growth has been reduced from 15 to 12.
  • Spore Crawler
    • The weapon damage for Acid Spew has been increased from 15 to 15 + 15 vs. Biological.