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Patch 1.17.0
“Game & Expansion”
Release date2016;
7 years ago
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Patch 1.16.1 Patch 1.18 PTR
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StarCraft patch 1.17.0 is a test patch.

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Increased turn rate to lower unit response times over gameplay
  • Fixed palette issues to correct "rainbow water" and other graphic artifacts
  • Fixed text artifacting in the menus
  • First client run will migrate saves to avoid issues from Windows system admin changes

Known Issues

  • Mac is not supported this patch, but is in progress


A few other things of possible interest:[1]

  • StarCraft now logs the total and monthly amount of games played on each protocol.
  • StarCraft no longer crashes when attempting to watch a replay in which a player has chat too much while the game was paused.
  • Blizzard seems to have modified an outdated version of StarEdit.
  • The patch introduces BlizzardError.exe and SystemSurvey.exe to StarCraft for the first time.
  • battle.snp, standard.snp, StarEdit.exe, and storm.dll are now digitally signed.
  • Screenshots are now saved in PNG format instead of PCX.
  • Screenshotting in the interface automatically saves to your clipboard instead of opening a dialog.
  • It has been reported the game does not run anymore on Windows 2000.