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Patch 3.1.0
StarCraft II
“Legacy of the Void”
Release dateDecember 14, 2015;
7 years ago
Initial build39576
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StarCraft II patch 3.1.0 is the first major patch for StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.


  • Co-op Missions
    • A new commander, Karax, has been added to Co-op Missions. Players who own StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void will automatically have access to Karax.
      • Karax is able to dominate the battlefield from orbit, using upgraded abilities from the Spear of Adun.
      • Command an army of expensive but powerful robotic units.
      • For more information, see our blog.
    • A new Co-op Missions map, 'Lock & Load', has been added.
    • An additional polish pass has been performed on existing Co-op Missions maps, to make them more immersive.
  • Nova: Covert Ops is now available for pre-purchase. Those that pre-purchase the mission bundle will receive a Nova portrait as well a Ghost unit skin upon the release of the first mission pack.
  • Several improvements and modifications have been made to Chat:
    • Copy and paste has been added.
    • In the Members List, a channel number has been added in front of channels.
    • In the Chat Input Box, the channel number now appears when typing in that channel.
    • Whispers
      • A new 'Whispers' category has been added to the Members List.
      • A 'Leave All Whispers' option has been added to the context menu when right-clicking the whispers category header.
      • A 'Close Whisper' option has been added to the context menu when right-clicking on a member in the Whispers List.
    • Chat Filtering
      • New chat filtering options have been added. To use, type 'filter <channel or whisper', 'unfilter', and/or '/all' slash commands.
      • Leave, filter, and unfilter have been added to the context menus for channel names and whispers.
      • System messages no longer display when filtering.
    • Chat focus behavior has been updated:
      • Double-clicking will focus chat on a single member.
      • Double-clicking a focused member will unfocus the member and return the user to All Chat.
      • Pressing Tab while focused on a whisper will unfocus a whisper.
      • Pressing Tab while in a chat channel will cycle through whispers and channels.
    • When unpinned, the Chat panel will now fade more rapidly when clicking outside of the Chat panel to unfocus it.
  • Archon vs. AI has been added as an option in Matchmaking.
  • Upon the end of a Multiplayer match, a 'Rename a Replay' button has been added to the score screen.
  • A pulldown menu has been added to the Replay Management Screen to more easily allow a user to Delete, Rename and Show a replay.
  • A green checkmark has been added over a ready player's avatar in the party panel when the player is ready.


  • An increase of the document limit for Arcade authors has been added
  • A new filter option has been added to the Arcade which will allow users to search open games by name, genre or game mode and a list will surface matching results with active lobbies.


  • General
    • New 'Archon Co-op VS A.I. ' category is available in the Game Variants dialog.
  • Data Wizards
    • Added 'simpletext' option for inputs, which limits string entry to letters, numerals, and underscores.
    • Added 'replaceSrc' and 'replaceDst' properties for macros, which apply string replacements to the evaluated text.
    • Added 'truncate' property for macros, which applies string truncation to the evaluated text.
    • Field index values may now be specified using enum names for fields based on enums.
  • Bug Fixes
    • General
      • Fixed errors when saving documents as component list directories.
      • Activity window will no longer prevent interaction with the Log In dialog.
      • Removed 'Hide Lobby' from map publishing options.
      • Map image generation now accounts for the Base Height value (Map > Map Options) when determining camera position.
    • Data Module
      • Fixed incorrect truncation of token identifiers generated by Data Wizards.
    • Terrain Module
      • Fixed various issues with cliff type remapping related to the multiple texture set system.