StarCraft II/Patch 5.0.4

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Patch 5.0.4
StarCraft II
“Free To Play”
Release dateNovember 4, 2020;
3 years ago
Initial build82457
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StarCraft II patch 5.0.4 is a minor patch since patch 5.0.0.


  • War Chest 6 skin bundles are now available for purchase.
    • Terran Tyrador Structures Bundle
    • Zerg Cerberus Structures Bundle
    • Protoss Ihan-rii Structures Bundle
  • All previous War Chest skin set bundles have been made available for purchase in the Featured section of Collection.
    • Terran Tyrador Units Bundle
  • Zerg Cerberus Units Bundle
    • Protoss Ihan-rii Units Bundle
    • Terran Special Forces Units Bundle
    • Terran Mira’s Marauders Units Bundle
    • Terran Umojan Units Bundle
    • Terran Special Forces Structures Bundle
    • Zerg Leviathan Brood Units Bundle
    • Zerg Primal Units Bundle
    • Zerg Simulant Units Bundle
    • Zerg Simulant Structures Bundle
    • Protoss Forged Units Bundle
    • Protoss Purifier Units Bundle
    • Protoss Golden Age Units Bundle
    • Protoss Forged Structures Bundle
  • War Chest 6 “Classic” structure skins have now been made available for purchase.
    • Classic Commander Center
    • Classic Hatchery
    • Classic Nexus
  • War Chest 6 Console skins have now been made available for purchase.
    • Terran Tyrador console skin
    • Zerg Cerberus console skin
    • Protoss Ihan-rii console skin

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with certain memory-leaks in game.


  • Fixed an issue where using Nova’s Fury of One spell would permanently remove Nova’s weapons.


  • Maps
    • Oxide LE
      • Fixed an issue where a Photon Cannon can be walled in by two Pylons near the main starting ramp.
    • Jagannatha LE
      • Fixed an issue where a unit could path up a cliff improperly.

Co-op Missions

  • Fixed an issue where Zargara’s Masteries were not properly grouped.
  • Fixed an issue where Mengsk’s Labor/Trooper could lose collision in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Stukov’s Infested Liberator could not attack Void Slivers in the mission: Scythe of Amon, once Cloud Dispersal is researched.
  • Fixed an issue where Vorazun’s Dark Pylon could render some Terran units unkillable.
  • Fixed an issue where Raynor’s Firebat, Mengsk’s Flame Trooper and Tychus’ Blaze could aggro enemy units that are very far away.
  • Fixed an issue where the Death Fleet’s Mothership would become selected when pressing Select All Warpgates.


  • Fixed an issue in the Mac OS editor that prevented users from placing ramps.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing issues when attempting to create vertical cliffs from level 0 to level 3.
  • Additionally, when placing cliffs, the placement radius will be smaller than before.
Developer Comment: We increased the max cliff levels from 3 to 15 in the 5.0 patch. In order to make this feature work, we had to adjust the cliff painting behavior. However, this caused issues when map makers were trying to create vertical cliffs from terrain level 0 to level 3. We fixed this issue for terrain levels 0 to 3, but maintained the current behavior for levels 4 -15.