StarCraft II/Patch 2.5.0a

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Patch 2.5.0
StarCraft II
“Legacy of the Void beta”
Release dateApril 2, 2015;
8 years ago
Initial build34835B
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StarCraft II patch 2.5.0a is the unofficial name for the second beta patch for the Legacy of the Void beta since patch 2.5.0.


  • Fixed an issue where users attempting to launch the game from the executable file would receive an error.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling Legacy of the Void beta would not remove all the intended files.
  • The beta client version displayed on Desktop App now matches the version found in the game client login screen.
  • The “Scan and Repair” feature is now available to Legacy of the Void beta installations.
  • Fixed an issue with consistency in installation flow themes.
  • Fixed an issue where only the 32-bit client was able to launch via the Desktop App.
  • Players can now switch languages in the Void beta client without receiving an error message.