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Patch 1.21.1
Release dateDecember 14, 2017;
5 years ago
Latest version dateDecember 19, 2017;
5 years ago
Initial build3402
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Patch 1.21.0 Patch 1.21.2
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StarCraft: Remastered patch 1.21.1 ...

Build 3402

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a high-frequency crash occurring on startup.

Build 3375

Features & Improvements

  • Expanded EUD support to additional maps
  • Improved latency for matchmaking games by preferring hosts that are not proxied

Bug Fixes


  • EUD map Random Tower Defense will allow max players

  • The Chat Menu will only display one BattleTagID after sending multiple whispers to the same Player
  • Fixed /users and the message of the day stats
  • Fixed /ignore


  • Fixed an issue with Mac retina displays where the game would open in a very small window
  • Fixed an issue where integrated Intel Graphics cards were not displaying certain sprites correctly.