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Patch 1.18.0
“Game & Expansion”
Release dateApril 6, 2017;
6 years ago
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Patch 1.18 PTR A Patch 1.18 PTR C
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StarCraft patch 1.18 ...

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • (unlisted) Latency tweaks have been implemented for improved player connections (changed from L1 latency setting to L2 latency setting)
  • The Mac *Beta* available for 10.11 and up
  • Updated the background image for Chat Channels
  • Filter by Game Type available in the Join Game screen
  • Increased the password length allowance
  • FPS cap set to 200
  • Text size has been reduced in several panels to better utilize space
  • Up to 256 messages are saved per Chat session, and are displayed in grey text when navigating back to the Chat Channel
  • Chat colors are now unique based on source type: whisper is pink, channel is dark blue, info is yellow, emote is orange, join channel is green, old messages are grey
  • Message prefixes, such as Usernames, in the chat log appear as a darker color than their message
  • Players can respond to a whisper in both the UI menus and the Game Client with the command ‘/r’
  • Attempting to reset the hotkeys will prompt the user with a confirmation panel
  • Game information no longer covers multiple lines
  • Private and Replay icons now appear beside the player count
  • Expanded crash report logging to improve troubleshooting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed various crashes
  • Fixed mouse speed in windowed mode
  • Fixed an issue with players disconnecting after inputting Korean characters
  • Navigation buttons and hotkeys have returned to parity with 1.16 values
  • Fixed map downloads getting stuck in game lobby