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Patch 1.20.2
Release dateAugust 22, 2017;
5 years ago
Initial build2660
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Patch 1.20.1 Patch 1.20.3
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StarCraft: Remastered patch 1.20.2 ...

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Observer UI – F6 will now return you to a default zoom state

Bug Fixes

  • Stability fixes, including top exceptions
  • All HD Zerg portraits have been corrected to not overlay on the UI
  • Saving games with the same name should now work correctly
  • Cancelling a ranked game queue will now properly update your Battle.Net presence
  • Preorder building skins will now properly scale to the selected graphics settings
  • Game music will no longer linger, if it was turned off in the settings
  • The cancel option in the confirmation window when attempting to remove a player from a game lobby now works as it should

Known Issues

  • Options Being Reverted to Default (This is now deployed edit 8/22/17 6:33pm)