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Patch 1.05
“Game & Expansion”
Release dateMay 15, 1999;
24 years ago
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StarCraft patch 1.05 is the first minor patch since patch 1.04.


  • Reduced Academy cost to 150 minerals.
  • Reduced Science Facility cost to 100 minerals, 150 gas.
  • Reduced Spider Mine research cost to 100 minerals, 100 gas.
  • Reduced the cooldown for units on unload from a transport.
  • Added a limit so games can only be saved at most once every two minutes during a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed a bug that caused save game compatibility problems with 1.03 save games loaded into 1.04 and Brood War.
  • The 'something for nothing' cheat no longer gives Brood War upgrades in normal StarCraft games.
  • When using the 'exactly' modifier in trigger conditions, incomplete units are no longer included in the comparision.
  • Hallucinated devourers no longer leave acid spores on targeted units.
  • Spider mines are now properly affected by disruption web.
  • Neutral medics no longer auto-heal units.
  • Added a wire-frame for Infested Duran in a dropship.
  • The low memory version of the disruption web art is now correct.
  • Terran insane AI no longer locks the system.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed terran buildings to move after landing.
  • Fixed the bug that incorrectly allowed 'morph to lurker' commands to be issued to units that weren't hydralisks.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.
  • (StarEdit) Eliminated dependence on updated comctrl32.dll
  • (StarEdit) Now displays language based on installed version of StarCraft rather than operating system setting
  • (StarEdit) Fixed a bug in the Player Upgrades dialog that could cause settings for one player to be inadvertently copied to another