StarCraft II/Patch 2.5.3a

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Patch 2.5.3
StarCraft II
“Legacy of the Void beta”
Release dateJuly 16, 2015;
8 years ago
Initial build36442B
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StarCraft II patch 2.5.3a is an unofficial patch name to catalog the Balance updates after patch 2.5.3.


  • Siege tanks and Immortals will now track the nearest enemy while moving.
  • Added mini-map icons for destructible rocks and destructible towers.
  • Made improvements when controlling a large number of air units.


  • Disruptor
    • Cost reduced to 100/200.
    • Supply reduced to 3.
    • Purification Nova
      • Range reduced to 1.5.
      • After Purification Nova ends, the Disruptor is invulnerable for 3 seconds.
      • Speed when invulnerable increased to 4.25.
      • Can be picked up by Warp Prism during Purification Nova, canceling its effect.


  • Vehicle and ship armor upgrades have been combined.
  • Ghost
    • New Ability: Steady Targeting.
      • Deals 170 damage after channeling for 3 seconds.
      • Can be interrupted if Ghost is attacked.
      • Costs 50 energy.
  • Liberator
    • Anti-Ground Mode no longer has to be researched; now only requires an Armory.
    • Switching back to Anti-Air mode duration reduced to 2 seconds.
    • Increased Anti-Ground range by 1.
    • Fixed issue allowing Liberators to fire into multiple AG zones.
  • Raven
    • Auto turret
      • Damage increased to 16.
      • Duration decreased to 10 seconds.
    • Seeker missile cost increased to 125.
    • Durable materials upgrade removed.
    • New Upgrade: Explosive Shrapnel Shells.
      • Increases damage of Seeker Missile and Auto Turret by 30%.


  • Ravager
    • Range increased to 6.