StarCraft/Patch 1.18.7

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Patch 1.18.7
“Game & Expansion”
Release dateMay 23, 2017;
6 years ago
Latest version dateMay 24, 2017;
6 years ago
Initial build1736
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StarCraft patch 1.18.7 ...

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • Mouse sensitivity expanded from 10 to 20 available settings
  • Mouse sensitivity can be turned off to utilize system settings
  • Mouse sensitivity now displays the delta's percentage

Bug Fixes

  • Commands issued immediately before changing control groups no longer apply to the new group
  • Building placement image now appears above the fog of war
  • Multiple issues with IME corrected
  • Alternate team color now displays properly when placing buildings

May 24 Hotfix:

  • Mouse sensitivity no longer defaults to lowest setting on fresh install