StarCraft II/Patch 4.11.2

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Patch 4.11.2
StarCraft II
“Free To Play”
Release dateDecember 5, 2019;
3 years ago
Initial build77535
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StarCraft II patch 4.11.2 is the second minor patch since patch 4.11.0.

Bug Fixes

Co-op Mission

  • General
    • Fixed an issue where Commander Mastery and Ascension levels are not gaining experience.
  • Commanders
    • Mengsk
      • Fixed various tooltips and icons for the Mengsk commander.
      • Added missing lift off and landing sound effects from Mengsk’s structures.
      • The Orbital Drop Pods upgrade now affects Dominion Troopers.
      • Fixed an issue where Forced Conscription could be used to overshoot the intended maximum supply cap.
      • Contaminated Strike now deals “Spell” damage instead of “Splash” damage.
      • Contaminated Strike is no longer reduced by armor.
      • Fixed an issue where Imperials Witnesses were using the Analyze Weakness ability.
      • Imperial Witnesses in Patriot Mode now gain armor with Dominion armor upgrades.
      • The Emperor’s Shadow’s EMP Blast will no longer stun Map Bosses or Heroic units.
      • The Emperor’s Shadow’s EMP Blast will now correctly fully drain energy instead of only 100 energy.
      • Fixed an issue where the Sky Fury’s Rank 2 and 3 abilities were switched.
      • Fixed an issue where the Sky Fury’s Tactical Realignment button would not display its cooldown as intended.
      • Fixed an issue where Earthsplitter Ordnance was unlocked earlier than intended.
      • Level 2 and 3 Dominion weapon and armor upgrades will now obey hotkeys set in the hotkey menu.
      • Changed Neosteel Fortified Armor’s default hotkey to fix a conflict on the Engineering Bay.


  • Zerg
    • Infestor
      • Updated the unit tooltip to account for Microbial Shroud.
  • Maps
    • Eternal Empire LE
      • Removed some “disallow creep” areas behind the 3rd bases.
      • Rotated rocks at the starting ramps to help make the wall-off areas clearer.
      • Fixed an issue where certain doodads didn’t accept creep on low graphics quality settings.
    • Heavy Artillery LE
      • Fixed an issue where sometimes players could not wall off the starting ramps due to their teammates starting creep spread.
    • Nightshade LE
      • Updated mineral locations at a base to help clarify the base placement location.
      • Fixed the map preview images to display properly.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed workers to get stuck after building on the Vespene Geyser at the natural base location.
      • Fixed the location of a tournament logo.
    • Simulacrum LE
      • Fixed an issue where certain doodads were positioned at the wrong height.
      • Removed a few map markers on the map that weren’t being used.
    • Zen LE
      • Fixed an issue where Reapers couldn’t cliff jump properly without left-clicking on the edge of a cliff.
      • Fixed an issue where Reapers weren’t taking the shortest path possible near the Reaper paths.
      • Adjusted the minerals at certain bases so that the closer minerals patches have more minerals than the farther mineral patches.
      • Removed a few map markers on the map that weren’t being used.