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Patch 1.23.1
Release dateSeptember 24, 2019;
4 years ago
Initial build6623
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StarCraft: Remastered patch 1.23.1 ...

Features and Improvements:

  • Players may now select their preferred color in unranked multiplayer games. Additionally, we’ve extended the available color palette.
  • Worker counts have been added to the Replay UI.
  • Additional voice lines for game start and game end have been added to the “Voices of Legend” announcer packs.
  • Players in unranked multiplayer games must now choose a race before a game can start. This should help folks that get stuck with a race they didn’t intend to play, and hopefully result with fewer people immediately leaving games.
  • Players will now re-join their previously used chat channel when logging back into This change was made for the folks that would prefer not to view/engage in default chat channels.

Note: Players can re-join the default chat channel via the channel list - the first entry will always be the default channel


  • String limits have been updated for map makers
  • Minor bug fixes

Additionally, please note that we will be updating the desktop APP to execute the 64bit version of SCR by default in the coming weeks. (32-bit will remain as an option for Windows users).