Atlas Hard Drive LED/Patch 2.2.0

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Patch 2.2.0
Atlas Hard Drive LED
Release dateDecember 3, 2016;
4 years ago
Initial build457
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Patch 2.1.1 Patch 2.2.1
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Atlas Hard Drive LED patch 2.2.0 was the second major patch since patch 2.0.0. This patch introduced a feature that allow you to select the drive from a dropdown instead of the user manually figuring out the drive that they want to read from.

New Feature: Selecting a drive

Introducing a new drop-down menu which allows the user to choose what hard drive to read from. Having multiple hard drives means the program by default will watch them all; this setting allows you to tell which drives the program should watch instead.

  • Select which drive to read from, default to all drives on the computer.
  • Read from all or one hard drive.


  • We have included a new default button to restore settings to default has you were first downloading and unpacking the program.

User Interface

  • The program has received significant minor interface tweaks.