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Known issues for World of Warcraft.

Retail updated: 2015-09-01, patch 6.2.2[1]
Beta updated: 2016-05-12, patch 7.0.3[2]


Classes and PVP

  • Warrior - Casting Heroic Leap immediately after charge causes Heroic Leap to deal no damage.
  • Mercenaries in Ashran can free enemy prisoners from the Keep for their adopted faction without reward
  • Flask buffs are removed when entering or leaving any battleground at levels below 90.


  • Pandaren characters may be forcibly ported from the city gates to the Inn in their new faction's capital, potentially before being able to complete or accept introduction quests.
  • The targeting reticle of the Iron Troop Launcher no longer extends beyond it's base, making it difficult to complete the quest "Iron Wings".

Pet Battles

  • The pet spell, Call Darkness will show graphical errors after being cast.

Garrison and Shipyards

  • Shipyards: The achievement, "Ironsides", does not trigger if a player rolls an epic quality ship.
  • Shipyards: It is possible for the Fleet Command Table to become unusable.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Xhul'horac - Dying to a fire patch with Spirit of Redemption active as a Holy Priest will incorrectly apply a stacking Felsinged debuff to *Xhul'horac's target.
  • Mogu'shan Vaults - Engine of Nalak'sha: Elegon's pylons may not all raise when the invulnerable phase begins, making it impossible to complete the encounter.
  • Mythic Dungeons - Master Looter does not function when the loot threshold is set to Epic.


  • The Hunter's Seeking Crystal and Master Hunter's Seeking Crystal can port you to a rare creature that is not currently spawned.



  • Transports have been intentionally disabled.
  • Players are unable to send mail.
  • Players may be kicked off of the Zeppelin from Grom'gol Base Camp to Orgrimmar and re-spawned in Kalimdor.

Player Character Models

  • The tattoo color for demon hunters can be changed at the barber shop to green but it can't be changed back.
  • Pistols will remain holstered during shoot animations for Pandaren Male and Female player character models.

Creatures and Spawning

  • Lighting is not being applied uniformly on NPCs in certain locations causing some creatures or parts of the creature to appear grey.
  • Demon Hunter faces can experience texture issues when cycling through tattoo customization options.
  • Standing from a sleeping position with an Orc Female will cause your client to crash.
  • Rothoof Defiler is not visible on the Low Shadow Quality setting due to the shader cosmetic effect present.
  • Aquaos the Unleashed is using player spells.

Battlegrounds, Arenas, PvP and Abilities

  • Battlegrounds and Arenas can fail to load assets.
  • Hunter - The area trigger created by Windburst cannot be seen when the player's Graphics settings are set to 3 or less.
  • Shaman - Sundering has display issues when cast against walled terrain or building WMOs.
  • Druid - Barkskin is causing graphical issues with all the different Bear Models.
  • Rogue - Grappling Hook lacks a spell visual when cast.
  • Paladin - The Lawful Words buff from the Item - T17 Holy 2P Bonus isn't consumed when casting Flash of Light despite the tooltip information.
  • Bursting Sores lacks a spell graphic when triggered from Festering Wound.

Artifacts and Artifact Questlines

  • Shaman - Players who pursue the restoration artifact after the elemental artifact will be roadblocked at the end of the quest "Azshara's Power".
  • Monk - Players may be unable to loot Fu Zan, the Wanderer's Companion at the end of the Brewmaster Artifact Scenario "The Trial of the Jade Serpent".
  • Lore books are not interactable once a player earns their first Artifact Knowledge point unless they relog.


  • Two versions of Jace Darkweaver are visible in Stormwind Keep after turning in the quest "Demons Among Us".
  • The transport never arrives during the Alliance side version of "Call of Duty", preventing completion of the quest.
  • Abandoning the quest "Blood of Our Enemy" after completing any of the associated missions "Blood of Our Enemy" prevents future quest completion.
  • Quest bangs that display on multiple submaps do not display a z-axis indicator.
  • Champion acquisition quest bangs do not properly clean up after associated quest completion.
  • During the quest "The Cycle Continues", party members do not share quest credit when they use Dream Seeds.
  • The Nightmare Creep does not properly display a visual effect during the quest "Cleaning Up"
  • Abandoning the quest "When There's a Will, There's a Way" after completing an associated mission prevents future quest completion.
  • Abandoning the quest "Following In His Footsteps" after completing the associated missions "Archmage Vargoth's Travels: The Nightborne Vault" prevents future quest completion.
  • A "You don't meet the requirements for that quest" error occurs after turning in "The Return of Twilight"
  • Abandoning the quest "Ancient Magic" after completing the associated mission "Ancient Magic" prevents future quest completion.
  • The quest "Unseen Protection" cannot be completed if abandoned and reacquired after it reaches the "Ready to Turn in State".
  • Baron Scaldius does not reset after abandoning the quest "The Firelord's Command" forcing players to reset the instance.
  • The quest "Return to the Firelands" cannot be completed if abandoned and reacquired after it reaches the "Ready to Turn in State".
  • Abandoning the quest "Mission: Investigating Deepholm" after completing the associated mission "Investigating Deepholm" prevents future quest completion.
  • The Deepholm Portal despawns after completing "A Promise of Earth".
  • Interacting with the Earth Giant NPCs for the "Unleashing the Elements" quest does not share quest credit with party members.
  • Abandoning the quest "Enemies of Air" after completing any of the associated missions "Thunderaan's Enemies" prevents future quest completion.
  • The 'Farseer' title isn't rewarded after completing "The Brand of Damnation"
  • The quest "Rise, Champions" does not have a quest beacon poi indicating it is available.
  • Abandoning the quest "Mission: Elemental Diplomacy" after completing the associated mission "Elemental Diplomacy" prevents future quest completion.
  • "A Summons From Moonglade" lacks a quest bang on the world map.


  • Mac - Logging into the world can cause a lua error to occur.
  • Game tooltips sometimes get stuck in a state where they only remain on screen for a fraction of a second.
  • Mac - There is a rendering issue while Outline Mode is enabled in Outland Areas.