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The Bureaucrat status is occasionally granted to senior members of well established editing communities. They have all of the permissions of an administrator, plus the ability to promote registered users to the administrator level.

Users chosen to be Bureaucrats, have demonstrated over time their knowledge of how wikis work, their sensible and balanced judgment while interacting with members of the community, and their trustworthiness to not abuse their position.

Bureaucrats are expected to be the final mediator in user disputes when administrators are either unable to resolve a situation, or are personally involved in the dispute. Bureaucrats who are inactive for an extended period of time will lose their status.

User rights

  • Block a username, hiding it from the public (hideuser)
  • Overwrite existing files uploaded by oneself (reupload-own)
  • View, hide and unhide specific revisions of pages from any user (suppressrevision)

From extensions


  • Rename users (renameuser)


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