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BadRabbit: Another Ransomeware Attacking
A new form of ransomware has formed, known as the Bad Rabbit, struck a number of countries worldwide, mainly Russia media companies and Ukrainian transportation systems, and it's still spreading like a bug through the web with one malicious purpose.

Reports show that Bad Rabbit ransomware has similarities to Petya and WannaCry that broke out early this year. They often ask for a ransom through encrypting some files or the system. The Bad Rabbit ransomware posed as an Abobe update before locking down computers and demanding the victims to pay 0.05 of Bitcoins (roughly $350 - $400, price changes happen) in exchange for their important data.

[Image: badrabbit_1.gif]

Currently, there is no known way to prevent this ransomware from attacking other than some Anti software adding a real-time engine to solve it. IObit has posted the same issue of this, and including an engine that they have implemented into the IObit Malware 5.

To read some more into this "BadRabbit" ransomware, visit our partner's thread at Creators Wave. Stay safe out there.

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