About Atlas Industries

Atlas Industries is a new striving software company and community building the next generation of software. With focusing on creating well-designed, user friendly, polished user interface, polished software for consumers use. The company plans to build a community where starting developers or intermediate developers may share one such created projects.

What We Have Planned

At Atlas Industries, we plan to create easy-to-use and powerful or simple software for your needs or for fun. Upon request we may build a product that could provide performance increase for a computer or to simple software which could indicate whether a hard drive is busy reading or writing.

Spread the Word

Atlas Industries logo
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If you want to help our community grow as a whole, a nice way to do this compared to other more possible ways is to include a Atlas Industries logo and a link to our site in a software or website that you have designed. You could also simply let your coding friends know about this new community that strives to share great content for users like you.

Our Partners