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Patch 2.2.2
Atlas Hard Drive LED
Release dateFebruary 24, 2017;
4 years ago
Initial build735
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Patch 2.2.1 Patch 2.3.0
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Atlas Hard Drive LED patch 2.2.1 was the third major patch since patch 2.0.0. This patch introduced a feature to see if a new update is available to download and a notification tip on program start.

New Features

Check for Updates

Checking for updates is now easier than ever. Instead of searching on our forum, a simple button has been added to the About window.

  • New button added to the about window: Check for updates


At startup, a tip will pop up giving the user information that the app can be found in the system tray. Clicking the tip will open the About window that'll provide information, settings and the past changes to the app.

  • Balloon tip will pop up display a message that the app may be found in the system tray, clicking the balloon tip will result in opening the About window.


  • The program has received significant code optimizations.

User Interface

  • The about window has received an overhaul on design and layout.

Bug Fixes


  • Only one instance of the application can run. Attempting to start another application will result in a dialog box stating that this application is already running.
  • The changelog window must be closed to focus on the About window.
  • The changelog and the about window will now be on top of other windows.
  • Fixed an issue that a user would be able to open windows (about and What's New in this case) infinite amount of times. It'll now check to see if the previous session of a window has been closed.