Diablo II: Resurrected/Patch 2.3.1

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Patch 1.1
Diablo II: Resurrected
Release dateDecember 14, 2021;
9 months ago
Initial build67554
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Patch 2.3.1 is the patch they are calling for the December 6, 2021 release. The version, however, is listed as 1.1 for the game itself.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where some characters that have more than one special character in their name were unable to load into the game.

Windows PC

Quick Cast

  • Quick Cast skills now properly target allies and corpses
  • Fixed an issue where opening the horadric cube while quick casting could cause your character to become stuck continuously casting
  • Activating an aura with quick cast will no longer stop your character from moving
  • Quick cast melee skills now allow the player to move to the mouse location outside of towns
  • Improved quick cast behavior for Inferno and Arctic Blast


  • Updated the DLSS .dll file to a more recent version
  • Resolved some visual artifacts that would present when using teleport
  • Resolved some visual artifacts that would present around partially transparent walls

Force Move

  • Classic characters can now change their force move keybinding
  • If the player is holding down Force Move, they will now continue moving after using a skill
  • Force move now functions while in your stash and horadric cube menus


  • Fixed an issue where scrolling through chat could at the same time scroll through your right mouse button skills
  • Fixed an issue where performing an inventory action after weapon swapping would un-select your Throw skill
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game