Diablo II/Patch 1.08

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Patch 1.08
Diablo II
“Original & Expansion”
Release dateJune 29, 2001;
21 years ago
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Diablo II patch 1.08 ...

Skill Balance Changes


  • Whirlwind now alternates between two weapons when using two-weapon style.


  • Increased Holy Shock's melee damage bonus.
  • Decreased the power of Conviction.
  • Added a casting delay for Fist of Heavens and increased its damage.
  • Increased the blocking bonus that Holy Shield gives.
  • Conviction does not affect immunities.


  • Increased Fire Golem's melee damage.
  • The hitpoints for a Revived monster no longer increase with more players in a game.
  • Amplify Damage and Lower Resist do not affect immunities.


  • Increased Fire Wall's damage.
  • Increased Blizzard's duration.
  • Decreased Meteor's casting delay.
  • Decreased casting time for Chain Lightning and Lightning.
  • Increased Frozen Orb's damage.
  • Thunderstorm now hits a target every time.
  • Cold Mastery will not affect cold immune monsters.
  • The damage inflicted by Ice Blast, Fire Ball, Lightning, Nova, and Glacial Spike, per level has been increased.


  • Increased Freezing Arrow damage.
  • Increased Ice Arrow damage.
  • Increased Immolation Arrow damage, added a casting delay and decreased the fire duration.
  • Added a casting delay to Plague Javelin and increased its damage.


  • Creatures can be summoned in town, as long as the summoning does not require a corpse.
  • Adjusted affix level for wands and staves. (Higher levels of these items have better magic attributes.)
  • Increased the chance of enhanced damage affixes on weapons.
  • Increased the chance of enhanced attack rating affixes on weapons.
  • Increased the chance of enhanced armor affixes on armor.
  • Increased the chance of elemental damage suffixes on weapons.
  • Increased the level and the damage for certain high level elemental damage affixes.
  • Increased chances of extra quantity affixes on throwing items.
  • Increased chances of regenerate quantity affixes on throwing items.
  • Changed Izual to be able to drop treasure.
  • Changed Charsi's imbue quest to always give a plus to individual skills on items that can have them.
  • Items sold to stores are priced as if they were fully repaired.
  • Lowered prices for items with +2 or +3 to single skills.
  • Removed throwing potions from stores.
  • Unique monsters with the "teleport" attribute now heal a fixed amount.
  • Crushing blow is at 1/2 effectiveness on bows.
  • Crushing blow is affected by physical resistance.
  • Increased chances of finding unique and set items.
  • Slightly increased the item drop rate for extra players in a game that are not in your party.
  • Lowered gambling prices that scale with your level.
  • Changed prices on rejuvenation and full rejuvenation potions.
  • Increased blocking for grim shield.
  • Increased AC for Bone visage helm.
  • Changed increased rate items, (fast, faster, fastest) to display as a percentage faster.
  • When used in melee throwing weapon durability decreases at one third the thrown rate.
  • +2 to all skills affixes can now spawn on rare amulets.
  • Changed items with pierce to use their pierce value as a percentage instead of as a level in the skill.
  • Added sound to shift-click of potions in grid.
  • Keys now stack to 12 instead of 6.
  • Right mouse click works the same as left mouse click if assigned an attack skill.
  • Act II hirelings have been improved with additional skills including auras.
  • When using two-handed attacks the speed of both weapons are averaged.

Major bugs

  • Addressed certain duping issues when entering and leaving games.
  • Fixed a bug which could allow you to have a defense rating after using Berserk.

Minor bugs

  • Added missing "crimson" affix with adds +5-10 fire resistance.
  • Fixed a bug were expert's/veteran's/master's prefixes were swapped with sounding/resonant/echoing prefixes.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed spells cast while wearing items of piercing to have piercing.
  • Fixed a bug where single skill bonuses did not stack properly.
  • Fixed a bug where variable costs for armor types was not being calculated properly.
  • Fixed a bug where you were allowed to multi-buy rejuv potions in stores.
  • Fixed the bug that added javelin damage to Lightning Fury, and made the graphics simpler for the lightning.