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Patch 1.03
Diablo II
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Diablo II patch 1.03 ...

Major bugs

  • Fixed a rare bug that would mark a character as "Unable to join, Bad item." A typical cause of this bug was high lag conditions while two characters simultaneously attempted to use the same item lying on the ground - for example, a Necromancer casting Iron Golem on a sword while another tried to pick it up.
  • Fixed a bug where Diablo II would crash when using 64MB video cards.

Minor bugs

  • Magic Mauls with the Enhanced Damage Property have been fixed
  • Unique Boots Treads of Cthon and Tearhaunch now give players the proper increased walking speed
  • Static Field (Sorceress) Fixed Spell Description
  • Leap Attack (Barbarian) Fixed Spell Description
  • War Gauntlets are now spelled properly
  • Strafe (Amazon) Fixed a bug where extra arrows would be fired for any minions or party members the Amazon had, which will reduce its effectiveness in these situations
  • Fixed a loophole that allowed either the Necromancer wearing the complete set of Infernal Tools or the Paladin with the Milabrega set to temporarily boost his skills to very high levels.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Amazons wielding a javelin in the right side inventory box and a shield in the left to do no damage with javelin-throwing skills assigned to the right mouse button.
  • Fixed a bug in Open games that dropped players with slower machines from the game when they talked to Act III NPCs.
  • Fixed 3 rare lock-up bugs with Lord De Seis: 1) killing him as any character, 2) leaping away from him as a Barbarian, and 3) being killed by him while simultaneously drinking a potion.
  • If a player tries to create a game when a Realm server is fully occupied, the player is prompted to join a game instead. It no longer reports "Server Down" in this case.
  • The "Toggle Belt" hotkey is no longer active when the in-game chat overlay is displayed.
  • Corpse Explosion (Necromancer) Reduced the explosion damage so that it is not scaled up for each additional player in the game


  • Critical Strike (Amazon) now works on all weapons.
  • The "Z" Key will now toggle between views of Minions only, No Minions or Party Members, and Your Minions and Party Members.
  • Items sold by Vendors under the Misc Tab no longer sell out
  • Settings are kept when creating games on Battle.net
  • Game creation queue added. Client now informed of game creation position.
  • Reduced the average bandwidth required for each player/client. Effects: reduction in lag and a slight modification to the updating of the Life Orb. There may be a period of adjustment for some players and we encourage you to pay closer attention to your Life Orb until you are used to this change.
  • Added support for future server performance improvements. Effect: Future reduction in lag and future increase in the number of games per server.
  • When a server goes down, the clients will no longer be left in "limbo" for up to 20 seconds, but will exit immediately to Battle.net chat.
  • Messages from Battle.net are now yellow.

Balance Changes

  • Players that have not completed the last quest in Act III can no longer use the Portal to Act IV until they have properly completed that quest.
  • Corpse Explosion (Necromancer) Reduced the extra radius gained per level of the skill from 1 to 1/2.
  • Revive (Necromancer) Removed the hit point boost for extra levels gained in this skill
  • Conversion (Paladin) Lowered the formula calculating the chance to convert for extra levels gained in this skill
  • Whirlwind (Barbarian) Decreased the number of attack attempts made when using this skill
  • Pierce (Amazon) Magical arrow effects such as Immolation will apply to every target hit