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Patch 1.07
Release dateSeptember 23, 1998;
23 years ago
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Diablo patch 1.07 ...

Serious bugs

  • Fixed crashes associated with being attacked or killed by a Black Death (Zombie class). This includes the crash upon resurrecting after being killed by a Black Death.
  • Fixed the freeze upon touching a Hidden Shrine while equipped with only indestructible items.

Medium bugs

  • Prevented players from becoming stuck inside a wall when Town Portalling down into a dungeon.
  • Fixed bug that made some Hell difficulty monsters too easy to hit. Beware.
  • Fixed the Mana Shield bugs that could make a player invulnerable and/or invisible to other players.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Rogues from properly disarming traps on levels 13 through 15.
  • Fixed bug that rarely transformed unique items (like the Optic Amulet) into some other (usually mundane) item when saving the game and then starting a new game.
  • Prevented repeated castings (128 or more) of Mana Shield from disabling the casting of any more spells.
  • Fixed bugs that prevented items with the suffixes Thieves, Speed/Haste, Balance/Stability/Harmony, and Piercing/Bashing/ Puncturing from working properly.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Mana Shield to become less effective with increasing spell level.
  • Fixed the bug that caused excessive damage when a Mana Shield expired due to an attack.
  • Prevented bows with fire-hit damage from interfering with the behavior of Gargoyle class monsters.
  • Allowed right-clicking (casting/drinking) belt items in positions 5 through 8, while the Spellbook is open.
  • Fixed the bug that froze Lazarus (and made him invulnerable to arrows and spells) after player had entered his lair, then left (or died), and finally returned.

Minor bugs

  • When in effect, the Mana Shield graphic appears to all players.
  • The casting of a Nova spell is now visible to all nearby players.
  • Adria's books appear white now only if a player can read them.
  • Equipped shields always appear properly to all players.
  • Nightmare and Hell difficulty monsters now display the correct number of hit-points (HP).
  • In single player, the sound is no longer shut off by loading a saved game while Diablo is in his death throes.
  • You may now change the name of a character to an existing Battle.net account.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of special Battle.net chatroom icons.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of German text in the German version.
  • Fixed renaming character to existing character bug.


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