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Update Log | July 2017

To make our website better for you, we bring updates to the site regularly and release a changelog of the changes within that month.

New Features
Landing Pages
  • Added Code of Conduct page.
  • Added Terms of Use page.
  • Added Privacy Policy page.
  • Added General Disclaimer page.

  • Core
    • Improve the style of some Staff code commands.
    • Some sections have had their descriptions updated.
  • Forum Theme
    • Background for the header is now fixed.
    • Updated footer links.
    • Atlas 3.0 has been renamed to Atlas Light.
      • Atlas Security Light introduced.
      • Atlas Security Dark introduced.
      • Atlas Dark introduced.
    • The themes have received a significant amount of changes since introduction.
    • Star ratings have been adjusted.
    • Login and register buttons has received an appearance update.
    • Panel themes have received a significant appearance update.
    • User name colours have received a signifcant change.
    • Login popup has received a sigificant update to appearance.
    • Author information on posts style tweaked (thanks to Katos)
    • Fixed horizontal post styling. (thanks to Katos for reporting!)

  • Core
    • Updated to MediaWiki 1.29.0.
    • Removed Character Insert extension.
  • Theme
    • Modified link colors for better readability.
    • Buttons are now more fluid and serve better functionality.
    • Watch icon has received a significant change.
    • Summary box received a visual update.
    • Fixed theme issues following software update.

Landing Pages
  • Some pages received a new design.
  • Updated footer links.
  • Back to top button received a new appearance.
  • Buttons are now more fluid and serve better functionality.
  • Updated footer links.
  • Accessing Terms of Service will no longer give a 404 error, but redirect to the Terms of Use.
  • Fonts through out the site have been adjusted and improved.
  • We've worked on bringing more improvements to website responsive. The following are now responsive:
    • Patch Notes
    • Code of Conduct
    • Terms of Use
    • Privacy Policy
    • General Disclaimer
  • Improved browser experience with Internet Explorer.

  • Updated Forum Rules to Code of Conduct.
  • Updated Terms of Use.
  • Updated Privacy Policy.
  • Updated General Disclaimer.

  • Forum Theme
    • Atlas 1.0 and Atlas 2.0 have been removed.

We hope that you will continue to enjoy Atlas Industries.
Found a bug or got a suggestion? Please use our suggestion forum!

The Atlas Industries Staff
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