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Feedback Awards Suggestions
Please list any ideas you have for potential awards to give to users by replying to this thread with basic info about the proposed awards including a title, the thread title containing the Title of the award, icon, requirements, and a description. Be sure to select prefix pending when submitting a new thread.

Here is a template you could use:

Thread title: [Award] <name of award>

Quote:Title: <name of the award>
Icon: <describe the icon or provide a link to one>
Requirements: <What to do to achieve this award>
Description: <a description of the award>
Title: Whitehat
Icon: A tophat
Requirements: Find Priority-High Security Issues
Desc: Given to users who find a major security breach or flaw in any of the Atlas family software, and contact the Administrative team about it, without there being public knowledge of it.
Award submissions would be great. As they come, I'll review and see if it seems like a nice fit!
That's why it's here!

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