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Official Advertising

We are here to strive and bring Atlas Industries greater goods for people like you, for new programmers and experts.

The reason that we have introduced this advertising network to aid with our server maintenance costs so that we can continue to grow and deliver the quality content that our members have come to expect from Atlas Industries. This gives us an opportunity to grow as we will help out your communities and projects.

Here on Atlas Industries, we are restricting users to have only one advertisement at a time. The single banner to the sidebar of the forum or to the top of the site which may be chosen. The cost of the advertising banner will vary and is yet to be considered by the team, however, we're looking at $5 / month. One hundred percent of the profits donated and made by this advertising network will go the cost of our server.

To apply for an ad spot please contact either myself or an administrator. Be sure to follow the standard forum rule set as the advertising banners still apply. The following as an example are not allowed: Pornographic content, adult content, medication, warez, nulled websites, malicious content. Users that are found breaking these rules may find their ads canceled and will not be eligible for a refund.By having an ad on Atlas Industries, you agree to the terms of this agreement. Users may only create a single user account should they wish to create a thread with regards to their advertisement; the thread will then be archived once the advertisement expires with no renewal. Automated posted is no way permitted in any way or form.

We look forward to serving your advertising needs, to help grow new communities and share projects. Any questions, please contact either myself or the administrators (@officer_rabbi @weidncol)!

The Atlas Industries Team

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