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Forum Updates | January 2017
  • Added Username Creation Filter (@officer_rabbi)
  • Added different warning types for staff to select from when moderating posts (@officer_rabbi | hon @weidncol)
  • Optimizations to spam filter (@officer_rabbi)
  • Added API key to StopForumSpam (@officer_rabbi)
  • Added Disallowed Emails at signup (@officer_rabbi)
  • Finalized list of Username Creation Filter (@officer_rabbi)
  • Disabled Users Email Being Shown in SMTP header of outgoing Forum email (@officer_rabbi)
  • Auto checked the option to hide user emails upon registeration and disabled the ability to uncheck it. This is a fundamental policy of Atlas to not disclose user emails to others on the forum (@weidncol)
  • Secured database. (01-11-17 @officer_rabbi)
  • Minor tweaks to the database.  (01-11-17 @officer_rabbi)
  • Creators Wave advertisement added (@Suraf | hon @Katos)
  • Guests can no longer view user profiles (@Suraf)
  • Admins can't receive warnings (@Suraf
  • Group promotions adjusted (@Suraf)
  • Continued work to make site responsive with mobile devices (@Suraf)
  • Home button below the logo now redirects to the home page of the website instead of the forum, easier navigation (@weidncol)
  • Wiki link added to sidebar for easier navigation and forum link adjusted (@weidncol | @Suraf)
  • Color of Quotes in threads changed from a white background to a more distinguishable grey (@weidncol)
  • Quoteblocks in editors are fixed and will now display correctly with a distinguishable grey (@Suraf | @weidncol | @Katos)
  • Fixed 'Showcase' Forum under Web Development from being a gray background to match the others as white (@weidncol)
  • Fixed Report System from throwing "Invalid reason type" error when selecting any reason (@weidncol | hon @officer_rabbi)
  • Fixed graphical bug when selecting a warn type for the Moderator Warn System (@weidncol | hon @officer_rabbi)
  • Adjusted Back To Top button to fix a overlapping issue with that and the UA Messages Notification system alert, which only shows up when selecting "Do not display notifications" (@weidncol | hon @officer_rabbi)
  • Fixed new users having to have their first posts, threads, and attachments approved, regardless of rank (@weidncol | hon @officer_rabbi)
  • Removed individual border lines throughout the side and top menu to make a cleaner look, also made search box more distinguishable (@weidncol)
  • Made links at bottom left of forum open a new tab upon clicking (@weidncol)
  • Made icons 'View New Posts' & 'View Today's Posts' from a round border to square border like the other icons (@weidncol)
  • Fixed read PM icon from not loading closing ticket #26 (@weidncol | hon @officer_rabbi)
  • New Reply button at the top and bottom of threads now has a border around it (@weidncol)
  • Background color of thread page numbers at the top when hovering over it is now the same as the New Reply button hover (@weidncol)
  • Made bottom footer black to match the top user menu (@weidncol)
  • Footer: when cursor hovers over a link, the text will still be a readable color (@Suraf)
  • Senior members now have their own unique rank image. (@Suraf)
  • Edited Senior Member Requirements. (1-16-17 @officer_rabbi)
  • Web Development and Software forum categories reorganized for easier navigation (@weidncol)
  • User ranks thread has been updated with more information. (@Suraf)
  • Created a new forum called 'Intellectual Discussions' under the General category including a variety of sub-forums within it (@weidncol)
  • Themed smilies added; Old smilies were adjusted and removed (@Suraf)
  • Updated Privacy Policy (@Suraf)
  • Valentines Smilies were added for the next holiday (@Suraf | Special thanks to Gasara)
    • Blushing Exclamation Heart Question Star

Backend, Speed & Optimizations
  • Updated Ubuntu packages to latest (@Suraf)
  • Internal packages updated (@Suraf)
  • Added various automated tasks to be ran such as Stylesheet Re-Cache and backups of the forum database (@weidncol)
  • Added Leverage Browser Caching and made the site load stylesheets before javascripts (@weidncol)
  • Changed MySQL Cache Size (1-10-17 @officer_rabbi)
  • Updated forum software to MyBB 1.8.10 (@weidncol | hon @Suraf)
  • Updated Font Awesome dependencies to latest 4.7.0 release (@Suraf)
  • Added Analytics to Home Page, 404 error, Security, and Wiki  (01-11-17 @officer_rabbi)
  • Itemized Expenses (01-11-17 @officer_rabbi)
  • Homepage load speed improved to 1.5s (@Suraf)
  • Minified JavaScript files (@weidncol)
  • Compressed images for forum (@Suraf
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